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Wood Ceiling Beams

Wood Ceiling Beams

The LuisLynzie™ ceiling beam collection is ideal for interior applications such as decorative, architectural ceiling beams, covering members of a truss, wrapping a doorway lintel and creating coffered ceilings. These elegant hardwood ceiling beams have a hollow “U” shaped design which makes them relatively lightweight, easier to install and allows versatility in the installation location.The box beam design is nearly indistinguishable from solid timber.

The three-sided box beam design is dimensionally stable, and allows for the construction of a real wood beam at the fraction of the weight. Furthermore, the sound lock-miter joinery imparts exceptional integrity and allows for a quick, precision assembly. Need a custom length? Our knocked-down design allows the wood ceiling beams to be scaled to length on site.

The hollow center is great for covering an existing, unsightly structures, running conduit, pipes and wiring and wrapping unsightly beams or soffits. Use decorative beams alone, add ambient lighting, run crown moulding around the perimeter, create coffers or ceiling designs...your ideas are the limit!

All wood beams come unfinished - ready to paint or stain - and are easily installed with the help of our installation manual and some basic tools. These wood ceiling beams are available in either 3 or 4 sides.

Hardwoods Available
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